My name is Kayla Krenicky, starting with the 2018 season I will be taking over the IHA Gymkhana series. I would like to thank the James/Zackman family along with the volunteers for all their hard work and dedication while running the series.

This coming season I am looking into making a few changes, however nothing is set in stone...
  • Adding a division for those 55+ who wish to show but at a slower pace then those in the adult divisions. Anyone showing in this division may not cross enter in any other division. At the commitees discrection, anyone going faster than a canter/hand gallop will be disqualified. Will not be for EOY awards therefore will have a lower class fee.
  • Removing the Modified Flags class as entries are lacking for this specific class
  • The money class at each show will be different. Example: 1st show will be money barrels, 2nd show money poles and 3rd show money dash or coke race.
  • First Place trophy's will only be awarded to those participating in the Half Pint and Buckaroo classes.
  • Adding Jackpot races for barrels and possibly another event. These will be separate days from the regular IHA Gymkhana shows.

If you are interested in joining the Gymkhana committee please do not hesitate! IHA runs on volunteers, volunteers is what keeps the shows and club going. You can get as involved as you want, even if it just helping out the day of a show.

Any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions please contact me. I would LOVE to hear them!!!

Kayla Krenicky
IHA Vice President, Gymkhana Chairperson

In addition to keeping current with horse issues, I.H.A. also hosts four Gymkhana shows during the show season. Much work is done by members and friends who volunteer their time, and have made our shows one of the most successful and enjoyable for entrants and spectators. We have divisions to suit every riders abilities. Beginning with our Half Pint division (8 and under) who are the darlings of the show. Then continuing through our Junior and Adult Beginner riders, to Junior and Adult Novice riders, and finally our top show riders in Junior and Open. End of day awards are given to high point riders in each division. At our November Awards Dinner Dance the top riders receive awards for their efforts during the past season. This is a celebration of all the shows that the club hosts during the year.